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I developed a series of 'magazine' style content posts for the Charmate Facebook page based around the theme of how 'fire made us human'. This tied in with the strategy I developed for the TVC and created more interest on the Facebook page than simply BBQ themed posts alone. See 8 examples of 30 below:

Scientists think fire was essential in making us human by providing heat, protection & by cooking previously indigestible food.

Did Fire Make Us Human?

Using fire to cook food instead of eating it raw was healthier for our ancient ancestors by making it more digestible and killing potential bugs. It also provided more energy to feed our bigger brains.

Earliest evidence for use of fire by our early ancestors may date back to 1.7 million years ago!

Earliest Use Of Fire

Perhaps the oldest evidence for controlled use of fire by our ancestors can be found in the Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa. So keep cooking with fire, you're in good company ;-)

Scientists think fire may have helped us begin to walk 'upright’ instead of on all fours!

Did Fire Make Us Walk On Two Legs?

Fire warded off predators at night, so our ancient ancestors could sleep on the ground or in caves, instead of trees. More time spent on the ground might have made us walk upright.

Cooking with fire is part of who you are. It goes back 1.7 million years and our ancient ancestors. Go on, give in to it...

Unleash Your Desire To Cook With Fire!

What is it about cooking on coal fired BBQs we love so much? Is it the simplicity, our ancient obsession with fire, or the flavour? We reckon it’s all of the above. Give in to your desire to cook with fire. Charmate® Kamado

Ever seen a bunch of guys standing round the BBQ staring silently into the flames? Well, that is a step backwards...

Did Fire Make Us Talk?

Scientists think the need to keep the fires going, which also lead to longer ‘day time’ hours, could have caused to the development of human language through social cohesion.

Cooking food is basically doing digestion outside of the body and releases more energy for our bigger brains.

Did Fire Make Us Brainy?

Roughly one-fifth of your energy is given to your brain regardless of what you are doing. Our bigger brain size compared to other apes required more energy and that could only be achieved by cooking food with fire!

Need any help with the barbecue? Of course not. But if you did and someone helpful shows up, fire may be responsible.

Scientists think the need to keep the fires going for protection and heat helped us develop more cooperation and social cohesion, which made us human!

Did Fire Make Us Cooperate?

Charmate® Kamado, BBQ - Smoker - Oven

Unleash Your Desire To Cook With Fire. Indulge your ancient obsession to cook with fire, then thing that made us human! 

Some say it’s the flavour, the simplicity or because they just love cooking with fire. Perhaps it’s because that’s how our ancient ancestors did it. Whatever it is, the Charmate® Kamado let’s you cook to present day perfection.

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